Scoring Information


The 7th edition of Australian Baseball Rules is no longer used by umpires or scorers across the country. The 2018 MLB Rules are now the official rules of baseball in Australia. You can download the complete Offical Rules of Baseball (PDF) from Major League Baseball. Rule 9 is our section but there are other sections we need to use.

You can buy the current version from the Angus and Robertson website for $14.95 plus shipping. Order five books for free shipping!

Baseball Queensland rules can be found on their website.

Be sure to check your local competition to see if there are any local rules you need to know about (i.e. six run rule, eight fresh players in a lineup, etc).


The Council of Australian Baseball Scorers (CABS) through cooperation with Baaseball Australia (BA) has developed a national scoring accreditation system which was implemented 30 June 2003. There are several levels of accreditation available from beginners through to Olympic qualified scorers. You can find all the level details on the CABS website

If you are interested in getting your accreditation please contact our Secretary and we can assist you in reaching your scoring goals.